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Evacuation Safety During COVID-19


As people return to campus it is important to follow the established rules for safety during COVID-19. These rules have been established by the Governor of New York State in conjunction with trusted medical specialists in the field of viruses which cause Pandemics.  Given all of the available information and established rules, Cornell University has developed a sound plan for returning to campus.  With that in mind this Tool Box Talk is a reminder that emergencies do occur and in the interest of the health of our community the following are prescribed actions to take in the event of an Emergency Evacuation of a building.

Actions in the Event of an Emergency Evacuation of a Building

Follow the building plan which is available by contacting the Building Administrator or Environment, Health and Safety.


When the building is in alarm all occupants must leave immediately.  If you are only part-way in the building turn around and go back outside.  At this point, you will be wearing your mask.  Continue to do so once outside.
If you are in the building you should already be following the face covering and distancing policy.  If you are in an area where face coverings are not required, put it on and leave via the nearest safe exit.


During an emergency evacuation ALL EXITS are available regardless of any established one-way travel through the building. Try to keep 6 feet apart.

Once Outside

Maintain Social Distancing.  Go to the primary gathering area and maintain 6 feet distance from others. Be aware and keep clear of incoming response vehicles.

Comply with Face Covering and Mask Requirements

Face Covering and Mask Requirements


All employees, students, and visitors are required to have a mask or face covering readily available on their person (e.g., around neck) when on campus outdoors and to put on their mask or face covering when it is NOT feasible to maintain physical/social distancing measures (i.e., at least 6 feet of separation between others).