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2017 Fire Log

The following table provides information about fires that have occurred at Cornell University on-campus housing facilities during the 2017 calendar year.

Fire logs may be viewed at the annual fire report web site.

2017 On-Campus Housing Facility Fire Log
Date Reported Fire Date &
Building Location Fire Category Fire Causes
01/04/2017 01-04-2017
10:00 am
Delta Upsilon Basement Kitchen Unintentional Cooking
06/19/2017 06/19/2017
11:06 am
Carl Becker House Room 284 Kitchen Unintentional Cooking –stove top burner ignited a rag.
09/27/2017 09/27/2017
Baker Tower Kitchen Section A Unintentional Unattended Cooking –Stove Top
10/08/2017 10/08/2017
Ujamaa Residence Room 10264 Unintentional Sun reflecting off a mirror ignited paper on a board
11/17/2017 11/17/2017 17:45 Mary Donlon Hall Kitchen Unintentional Paper towel accidentally ignited in oven


660 Stewart Avenue Living Room Unintentional Fireplace hot coals in plastic bucket on wooden floor