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Campus Start-up Water Distribution SOP

Appendix 2C – Campus start-up water distribution SOP

  1. The Utility-certified operator will sample the chlorine at the meter entering the building and document chlorine residual level

  2. Utilities will distribute results to Flushing Project Manager

  3. Flushing Project Manager will communicate results to the College/Department/Research Facility Directors and Zone Facility Director

  4. Flushing Project Manager will coordinate with building care to conduct building system flushing. Procedure:

    • Begin flushing at highest part of building

    • Run all cold water faucets and showers simultaneously. Cold water tap should be run until cold water is sensed and chlorine residual is detected

    • Flush each toilet at least 4 times

    • Run all hot water faucets and showers simultaneously until a chlorine residual is detected

    • Repeat process for each floor

  5. Place point of use (POU) devices “Out of Service” until they are properly maintained for safe return to service. POU Devices SOP:

    • Coffee Machines and Drink Dispensers

      • Water reservoirs should be cleaned according to manufacturer’s specification

      • Install new filters prior to start-up

      • Prepare and discard the first several cups/pots of hot beverage, equivalent to the volume of the reservoir or 1 gallon, whichever is greater

    • Cold Drink Dispensers (i.e., soda fountains, juice dispensers, etc.)

      • Contact dining director for cold drink dispenser safe and healthy return to service

    • Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers

      • Wall-mounted drinking fountains that are NOT refrigerated and draw directly from the potable cold-water system should be treated the same as a cold-water faucet

    • Refrigerated Water Coolers

      • Water reservoirs should be cleaned

      • Install new filters prior to start up

      • Discard the first several drinks, equivalent to the volume of the reservoir or 1 gallon, whichever is greater

    • Ice Machines

      • Install new filters prior to start up

      • Ice machines should be emptied, cleaned, descaled, and sanitized before placing back in service. Cleaning and descaling can be done anytime during shutdown

      • Upon start up, the first 3 batches of ice should be discarded before resuming making ice for human consumption

  6. After the entire building is flushed, building care personnel will document and report the chlorine findings to the Flushing Project Manager

  7. Flushing Project Manager will then send out a notice to customer service, the Building Director, and Zone Director for each building determined to be safe for occupancy