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Cornell Vehicle Occupancy Guidelines in Response to COVID-19

These guidelines apply to the use of department-owned vehicles and fleet rentals at the Ithaca campus.  These policies are in addition to usual rental policies.  For additional information on Fleet Services Rental Policies, see COVID-19 Fleet Rental Policies

  1. Sharing a vehicle may result in a mandatory quarantine for all unvaccinated occupants in the event that one person tests positive for COVID-19.
  2. Unvaccinated individuals shall comply with face coverings and physical distancing requirements at all times unless there are alone traveling in the vehicle.
  3. When possible, travel with the windows open to increase airflow and do not operate the vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system on recirculating air mode. The recirculating air button should be off.
  4. Maximum occupancy for unvaccinated individuals and seating arrangements for each vehicle are as follows:
    • Truck – one driver, no passengers
    • Compact and mid-size – one driver and one back-seat passenger – diagram will show staggered seating arrangement
    • Seven-passenger van - one driver and two back-seat passengers - diagram will show staggered seating arrangement
    • Twelve-passenger van - one driver and three back-seat passengers - diagram will show staggered seating arrangement
  5. Maximum vehicle occupancy may be observed if all individuals have been fully vaccinated. Face coverings and physical distancing are not required, when feasible open operable windows and avoid recirculating air in the vehicle's HVAC system.