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005 Cut Thumb Through Cut Glove

Lessons learned

A Dining employee was cutting peppers with a Chef’s knife, while wearing cut-resistant gloves (Tucker Kut Glove). While cutting the peppers, his knife made contact with his thumb. The force of his cutting motion was strong enough to penetrate through the cut-resistant glove. The employee severely cut his left thumb, resulting in medical treatment. If the cut-glove would not have been worn, the severity of the injury would have been far worse. Cut-resistant gloves are not necessarily going to stop a knife from penetrating, but they will greatly reduce the impact; the glove worked as designed.

Factors contributing to the incident:

  • Employee was cutting with his fingers exposed to the knife blade.
  • Employee was cutting at a fast pace, with forceful cutting strokes.
  • Employee was pulling the knife towards himself; should have been cutting away from himself.

Knife Safety Reminders:

  • When using a knife, make sure all fingers are out of the way.
  • When cutting vegetables, cut away from your body.
  • Use the correct knife for the job.
  • Always wear your cut-resistant gloves, they will prevent or minimize the injury.