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Radioactive Waste Removal Checklist


  • Calculate activity for waste items using your inventory sheets, decay correct to the date of pick-up and record isotope and activity on waste tag. There should be one waste tag for each item to be removed.

  • Complete all other information on waste tag including chemical constituents and pH (5-9) for liquids, scintillation fluid type for vials and lab information at the top of the waste tag.

  • Perform wipe test on outer surface of all items to be picked up (i.e. outside of dry bag, surface of bottle/carboy, or box of vials). Record results on waste tag and leave one copy of the printout for waste personnel.

  • Attach completed waste tag to each item being removed and remove the yellow copy of the waste tag for your records.

  • Provide inventory sheets from which waste is being disposed of to waste personnel. Originals are needed for all closed out sheets (zeroed out) and copies of all partial sheet (material remaining in lab). Ensure inventory sheets reflect the waste pick-up, date, activities and decay as appropriate.


  • Dry waste must be double bagged. Dry waste with a half-life less than 90 days cannot contain radioactive labels. Labels must be removed or taped over, removed labels can be placed in a small bag for removal by EH&S, though no tag is needed. Dry waste maybe removed from its storage container and placed on plastic backed absorbent paper or pads.

  • Liquid waste containers should only be filled to the shoulder of the carboy or bottle. They must be in good condition with tight fitting caps. Do not use plastic containers for H-3 and C-14 liquids, 1 gallon glass bottles only.

  • Scintillation Vials can be placed in trays and boxed with an arrow indicating up, or they maybe be bagged using double bags inside a box with absorbent paper or pads between the two bags. All boxes must be taped shut.

  • Lead must be meter surveyed before removal by EH&S. Pack lead in small boxes and leave a note for EH&S to remove.


  • Waste pick up is every Tuesday morning, contact EH&S to request a pick up by phone 607-255-8200 or on line at Click on Forms and Documents or Radiation Safety and select pick-up form. You need not be present for pick-up, but the room must be open or a note should be left to locate someone who can open the room.