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4.15 Laboratory Design and Construction

To provide the best service during the construction/renovation process for laboratories, it is important to take health and safety considerations into account up front during the design process.  Project Managers planning a new lab construction or renovation, please contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer with the following information: 

  • Contact name, phone number, email
  • Department, building and room(s) the project will occur in
  • Expected start date for project
  • Equipment planning to be installed - fume hoods, biosafety cabinet, other capture devices, eyewash and emergency shower, toxic gas cabinet and monitoring devices, etc..
Note: A list of chemicals, including approximate usage (weekly/monthly) and storage quantities will be needed during the process to ensure proper ventilation rates and engineering controls.

CU Design Standards

Commissioning Documents

To facilitate the commissioning process, EHS has developed commissioning forms for installation of new fume hoods and emergency showers/eyewashes. Before EHS will certify new fume hoods, emergency showers, or eyewashes, the following commissioning forms must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Chemical Hygiene Officer at EHS.