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Welcome to AskEHS, our online question and answer system is the best way for the Cornell community to ask Environmental Health and Safety questions of our staff. We have experts in all aspects of environmental, health and safety:

  • Laboratory Safety - Chemical, Biological, and Radiation;
  • Laboratory Waste Management - Hazardous Waste, Regulated Medical Waste, Radiological Waste, Mixed Wastes;
  • Training - Live classroom training or Online via CU Learn;
  • Occupational Safety and Health - Respiratory Protection, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Machine Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, etc.;
  • Environmental Compliance - Water, Air, Chemical Bulk Storage, etc.;
  • Fire Safety - Fire Code Compliance, etc.
  • Emergency Management & Response - Preparedness,  Emergency Services.

By submitting your question to the "askEHS" system, you ensure that it will be sent to the correct expert as quickly as possible. To Ask a Question:

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