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Laser Safety

This program manages the safety and regulatory compliance of all lasers on campus. Cornell’s Laser Safety Program follows the safety guidelines specified by the ANSI standards for the safe use of lasers. Class 3B and 4 lasers have some special requirements:

  • They need to be registered with EHS. Please submit a registration form for each laser source to
  • The lab needs to be set up to address laser hazards and prevent beams from entering public spaces like halls or outside windows. EHS can help determine requirements and suggest solutions.
  • Written procedures are required. Contact for a template.
  • Laser operators and others working in areas where laser hazards are present need to complete the laser safety training course at CULearn.
  • Laser operators need to be trained by the PI (or the PI’s delegate) to operate the laser system. There is a training certificate in the SOP template that labs use to keep track of who has been authorized to operate the system.
  • If laser safety glasses are required, they must be inspected before each use, and every six months an inspection needs to be recorded on the log sheet in the SOP.
  • Class 4 operating conditions may require an illuminated warning sign outside the lab. If unattended operation is required, a shutoff button would be required for responders to render the area safe in case of an emergency. We can recommend a low-cost commercial solution.

If you are commissioning or renovating a Class 3B or Class 4 laser facility, please contact The Radiation Safety group can provide assistance with hazard evaluation, hazard mitigation strategies, and suggestions for developing written operating procedures.

Written Program/Manuals

Cornell Laser Safety Program Protected Document


Laser Registration Form Protected Document
Laser User Authorization Form Protected Document
Laser Eyewear Inspection Log Protected Document

Training Resources

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