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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Environment, Health and Safety staff will be leaders in promoting safe learning, working, and living environment for the University through the integration of programs and services we provide to faculty, staff and students.

Our Values


Our workplace will be comprised of people dedicated to our mission, values, and the continual application of the highest professional practices and standards of our profession.


We will conduct ourselves in a safe and fiscally responsible manner that respects the environment, the people we serve, and the health of our University and the community in which we live.


We will create and maintain a flexible and supportive working environment where we can achieve our full potential, live our values, and freely express ourselves. We will work within an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, change, new ideas, respect for the individual, and equal opportunity to succeed.


We will strive to have a preeminent environment, health and safety programs.  We will provide consistent and reliable services to our customers by understanding their individual needs, clearly defining our roles and responsibilities, empowering and demanding accountability of our staff, and measuring our effectiveness.


We will ensure a trusting, honest and safe work environment by promoting open effective communication, encouraging teamwork, and supporting each other.


We will integrate the standards of sustainability into our programs by managing and minimizing the generation of waste and by responsible use of resources.