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Radiation and Chemical Disposal Sites

The line drawing diagram of a chemical disposal site shows the Cap, Extraction Wells, Top of Water Table, Monitoring Wells, Glacial Till, Fractured Shale Bedrock; and the Competent Shale Bedrock.

Decades ago Cornell buried chemical lab waste and low-level radiation research materials at two isolated sites north of the Tompkins County airport.  That was how such material was handled in accordance with the regulations at the time.

The university has worked with state and outside experts since 1984 to investigate and assess risks associated with the site, to inform the public, and take remedial action. Engineering and scientific studies, as well as routine monitoring at the sites, show containment measures taken by Cornell at both sites are protecting public health and safety. Cornell's clean up of the sites is being conducted in phases, following the steps of the site remediation process of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

2020 RDS and CDS Annual Report