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Lab Safety Certificate Program

Example of a Laboratory Safety Certificate

The Laboratory Safety Certificate Program is designed to encourage laboratory workers to broaden their safety knowledge by completing a variety of training programs related to laboratory and occupational safety and to recognize and reward their accomplishment by granting a Laboratory Safety Certificate. To qualify for a certificate, the applicant must complete 10 required courses and 10 courses selected from a list of optional courses.  The required and optional courses are listed on the Laboratory Safety Certificate Course Completion Form.  Additional optional courses may be added in the future.  If you are required to take any modules outside EHS for animal work, greenhouses, or otherwise - please contact askEHS to have the course considered for your certificate.

All courses must be completed within 5 years of the certificate application date.  The courses may be taken as live classroom sessions (regularly scheduled or scheduled by request) or completed on-line. 

To apply for a certificate, fill out the Laboratory Safety Certificate Course Completion Form with your information and the dates the courses were completed.  Please note: courses may have had different names in the past, if you feel you have taken a course that is equivalent to the listed courses, please note the date and title on the Laboratory Safety Certificate Course Completion Form.  A certificate will be issued after course completion has been verified in the EHS training database.  If you have any questions about this program, please go to askEHS.

This certificate is specific to Cornell University faculty, staff, and students and may not be applicable outside of Cornell University.