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Fire, Medical & Spill Response

Fire Response

The Emergency Service group responds to all reported fire alarm activations and reported fires on the Cornell main campus. The group will assist with evacuations as needed and act as a liaison with the incoming fire departments. In addition the group also offers different types of fire safety related trainings including fire extinguishers across campus.

Medical Response‚Äč

Both Emergency Services vehicles are equipped with Automated External Defibrillators and will respond to most calls for medical assistance on campus. Our responders work very closely with our counterparts Cornell University Emergency Medical Services group. Our responders primary mission is to be the liaison for incoming fire departments and ambulances.

Spill Response

EHS provides confinement, and cleanup of hazardous material spills and release including those involving chemicals, biological, and radioactive materials and weapons of mass destruction.  EHS provides technical assistance to local emergency response agencies.Police, medical, or fire emergencies at other Cornell locations call 911.

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