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Window Washing

Window Washing Program

The Cornell University Window Washing Program establishes requirements and procedures to protect employees and contractors performing window washing on Cornell public buildings.  A company may need to develop a Window Washing Plan for approval by both the Cornell Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Department as well as the New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL).

This program will ensure compliance with applicable federal and state regulations, including: NYS Division of Safety and Health Code Rule Part 21, Protection of Persons Employed at Window Cleaning.

Window Washing Plan

Prior to a cleaner (employee or contractor) performing window washing on campus, they must electronically submit a Window Washing Plan for approval. 

The purpose of the Window Washing Plan is to ensure the cleaner is using safe and authorized window cleaning means and method(s) on Cornell University public buildings according to the requirements set forth by New York State Department of Labor.

Window Washing Plan will need to be submitted and approved for the initial cleaning of a building’s windows before work can begin.

Following the initial building WWP approval, subsequent WWPs on the same building will be required if any of the following conditions change from what was initially included:

  • Cleaning methods used
  • Sides of the building(s)
  • Equipment used for each cleaning method

Written Program/Manuals