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Laboratory Ventilation

The Laboratory Ventilation Management Program (LVMP) is a flexible working partnership between Cornell’s laboratory workers and administration; the Facilities Services' Energy and Sustainability; and Environmental Health and Safety. This partnership is led by Cornell's Chemical Hygiene Officer, who serves as the "qualified individual" in the context of the ANSI Z9.5 standard. It supports the safe and sustainable operation of laboratory ventilation systems by balancing the amount of air used to dilute hazardous chemicals used in the laboratory with the energy required to provide that air. This energy accounts for about 50% of Cornell's heating and cooling load.

The Laboratory Ventilation Management Plan is an integrated management plan for the design, use, monitoring, and maintenance of the ventilation systems in campus laboratories. It is based on the ANSI Z9.5 Standard for Laboratory Ventilation and the ANSI Z10 Standard for Occupational Health Management Systems.  

For more details on the procedures associated with these management elements, click on the links below:

Written Program/Manuals

Training Resources