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Laboratory Inspections

Inspections are conducted to assist responsible faculty and staff in identifying and correcting potential health and safety hazards and to identify unreasonable risks to laboratory personnel, students, and the campus community.  Laboratories and other research areas are regulated by OSHA laboratory safety standards, OSHA general industry regulations, EPA and DEC hazardous waste regulations, DOH regulations, NFPA life and fire safety standards, and building codes.  During inspections the focus is identifying any potential problems and correcting potential regulatory compliance issues or other issues that could affect granting activities.  Research areas are strongly encouraged to conduct their own self-inspections before an inspection of their area and on a periodic bases.  Self-inspections can be used to catch any potential concerns and as a training opportunity for research staff.  Listed below is a self-inspection checklist and explanation key which identifies the same topic areas reviewed during an EHS inspection.

Training Resources