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Injury/Illness Exposure Reporting

Reporting Incidents

Cornell University aims to maintain a safe and healthy environment by correcting situations that caused or could likely cause injury.  All incidents should be reported in a timely manner (24 hours).

This is important to report the occurrence so actions such as an investigation can be taken to make sure that a similar or more serious incident does not happen again.

Injury and Illness Reporting Page

  • The on-line reporting system also allows students and guests to report injuries, illnesses, or potential exposures that occurred at the University.
  • The Injury / Illness / Exposure Reporting system can be found here:
    Incident Reporting
  • Please call 607-255-1111 for emergencies.

Why is reporting necessary?

Incident reporting is necessary for several reasons:

  • Reporting enables the correction of the situation and helps prevent similar future occurrences.
  • Reporting an injury initiates the worker's compensation process for incidents resulting in medical treatment or lost time.  For more information concerning worker's compensation, please visit Worker's Compensation.

Toolbox Talk

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