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Hazardous Materials Shipping (DOT)

Shipping Instructions for Cornell University

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the transportation of materials in the United States.  The specific regulations define hazardous materials, and specify how to conduct practically every aspect of hazardous materials shipping.

The Cornell University Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office has determined that these regulations do apply to all shipments (shipper/transporter) of hazardous material made by Cornell Faculty, Staff and Students for Cornell business purposes.  These regulations also apply to shipments of hazardous materials by non-university staff when they are "on behalf of" or in "collaboration with" university operations.

Cornell University‚Äč has tasked EHS as the certifying authority on all shippers of hazardous materials.  All shippers of hazardous material must be trained and receive a certification from EHS to show compliance with these regulations.

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