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Electrical Safety

Incidents involving electricity can cause burns, explosions, shocks, and death, and are a major cause of building fires.  The Electrical Safety Program has been developed to help individuals recognize and avoid electrical hazards.  The goal is to reduce and manage the risk of electrical arc flash hazard, shock, equipment damage, and fire.

Basic Electrical Safety

  • Keep your work area clean and orderly. This reduces the chance of accidents and prevents the accumulation of combustibles as well as flammable materials in the workplace
  • Extension cords shall only be used for temporary power supply with portable equipment.
  • Power strips must be plugged directly into a building outlet.
  • Inspect all electric tools and equipment before use for damaged or frayed power cords. Remove frayed or defective extension and power cords from the workplace.
  • Use insulated hand tools and double insulated power tools. Portable ladders used for electrical tasks shall have non-conductive side rails.
  • Remove all metal jewelry, rings, and watches before working on electrical equipment.
  • Never work around a source of electricity when you, your surroundings, or your tools are wet.
  • Use Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI’s) when working outside, near wet areas or when using extension cords.
  • All live parts operating at 50 volts or greater shall be guarded against accidental contact.
  • De-energize all electrical equipment before beginning service or repairs.  If you are not a qualified electrician you should not be servicing any electrical equipment. Utilize the University’s Lock/Tag/Verify Program. Verify that equipment is de-energized before work begins.

Creating a safe work environment and utilizing safe work practices are the keys to avoiding electrical hazards. If you are not a qualified electrician you should not be servicing any electrical equipment. If you are a qualified individual, always be aware of your work environment and exercise safe working procedures.

Written Program/Manuals