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Building Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills are required by the Fire Code of New York and specify timing and number of drills required every year.

EHS is willing to work with you and your building occupants if there are specific special circumstances.  Please understand, academic settings, classes and research are not considered special circumstances. The evacuation schedule is designed to avoid study weeks, exam weeks, etc. Every attempt will be made to conduct drills during reasonable weather. This schedule does not include sports camp drills they will be scheduled as the need arises next summer. 

You are not required to do anything special for the drill. If you have any questions the day of the drill do not hesitate to ask the EHS staff conducting the drill. Your assistance in the entire drill is needed. By working together we can maintain fire code compliance and help demonstrate a safe environment for our staff, Faculty and Students. If for whatever reason you have any more questions please contact us at: