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Petroleum Bulk Storage

The Environment, Health and Safety Office administers the University's Petroleum Bulk Storage Program. Cornell University currently has  aboveground storage tanks and underground storage tanks registered with the NYSDEC. All measures are taken to not only ensure compliance with regulations (NYSDEC & EPA) for the handling and storage of petroleum, but additional Best Management Practices have also been implemented in order to protect the public health, welfare and the lands and waters of the State.

Operators and Facility Managers are tasked with ensuring operational compliance on a day-to-day basis by: 

  • Performing monthly inspections of tanks and valving,

  • Testing of alarms, leak detection systems, overfill prevention and inventory monitoring equipment

  • Reviewing integrity of secondary containment systems,

  • Conducting Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) training.  

  • Obtaining Operators ("Class A and Class B") Certification as needed.

Written Program/Manuals

Bulk Storage Program Manual Protected Document



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