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Cranes and Hoists

The purpose of the Crane and Hoist Safety Program is to establish safe work practices and inspection procedures to help ensure that the operators of overhead cranes, as well as the Cornell University community are protected from potential hazards associated with the movement of equipment and material using a crane, hoist and related equipment.Cranes must be consistently inspected to prevent equipment failure and incidents and to determine whether cranes and crane components can be expected to perform as intended.  Crane and Hoist inspections are divided into five general classifications:

  1. Initial Inspection - For newly installed or altered cranes and hoists
  2. Functional Inspection – Pre-use Inspection
  3. Frequent Inspection – Typically monthly
  4. Periodic Inspection – Typically annually
  5. Inspection of equipment not in regular use

All cranes and hoists shall be inventoried with EHS.  If your department has any cranes and hoists, please contact Tim Fitzpatrick at 607-254-4482, to schedule a review of your equipment.

Written Program/Manuals


Sling Inspection Criteria Protected Document