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Mobile Vending and Food Truck Operations Requirements


  • ​To Safeguard the Cornell Community from the risk of fires and explosions associated with the use of Mobile Vending Operations or Food Trucks and Trailers


  • ​The requirements of this Operating Procedure shall be followed when Mobile Vending Operations or Food Trucks and Trailers are used on property associated with Cornell's Ithaca Main Campus


  • ​Section 181-10 in Chapter 181 of the City of Ithaca Municipal Code Section
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 Annex B titled Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations
  • Cornell University Fire Marshal's Office - EHS Events Management
  • Cornell University Division of Financial Affairs Insurance Requirements


  • ​A Food Truck, as referenced in this document is defined as any motor vehicle or trailer, which a person or persons may enter and work inside, and from which food is prepared, cooked and served


  1. Event Registration Form must be submitted for review and approval
  2. Food Truck(s) or Trailer(s) must be certified by the Ithaca Fire Department and must display at all times the current and valid issued Permit Sticker
  3. Owners/Operators of Food Trucks or Trailers must submit to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance evidence of adequate insurance coverage prior to providing services on University property. Insurance requirements
  4. Proposed location and set up must be provided to the University Fire Marshal's Office (UFMO) for review and approval.
  5. Proposed locations shall not obstruct fire lanes, fire hydrants, fire department connections or required egress paths and if multiple trucks and trailers are used, they must be separated from one another by a minimum of ten feet (10').

Event organizer shall schedule with the UFMO to conduct the required Site Safety Inspection(s) before the food truck(s) or trailer(s) can start preparing food.