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Event Crowd Management

Crowd Management

  • Event organizers are responsible for crowd control and management at their event.  There shall be at least (1) designated Crowd Manager for every 250 persons attending the event and their duties shall include: ACE:
    • Aisles are kept clear and unobstructed at all times. No sitting or standing is permitted in aisles or egress paths to exits
    • Capacity of the Venue Space. Know the Maximum Legal Occupancy and ensure that it is not exceeded
    • Exits are clear and unobstructed at all times and assist in facilitating the evacuation of the venue in the event of an emergency 
  • Crowd managers must be properly trained by taking class EHS 5340.M in CU Learn (Crowd Manager Training)
  • Prior to the start of an event, the Crowd Manager shall ensure that an announcement is made identifying the locations of exits and advising patrons that in the event of an emergency or if the fire alarm sounds they must evacuate from the building.


  • When booking a venue, it is critical to choose a space that is adequate to handle the expected attendance.
    • In venues with fixed seats, seating is only allowed in the fixed seats. Sitting or standing in the aisles or placing additional chairs in the venue is strictly prohibited.
    • The number of people in the venue may not exceed the posted maximum occupancy


  • If ushers are used for your event, they too shall utilize the Acronym A.C.E. noted above.
    • Ushers should be visually identifiable (usher name tags, common shirts, etc.)
    • Ushers are responsible for:
      • controlling access
      • assisting audience members in finding seats
      • ensuring aisles remain clear
      • direct patrons to exits in the event of an emergency

Crowd Control

  • For events that are expected to fill a venue, the use of entry tickets to track attendance is strongly encouraged.

  • Free tickets or programs in a quantity equal to the available seating can be handed out at the door (remember to remove tickets to account for ushers, performers that will be sitting in the audience, etc.).
  • When the maximum occupancy limit has been met, the Crowd Manager or designee shall ensure that no additional entries are allowed.
  • Handheld counters may also be used as a control device.
  • Overcrowding violations may result in the event being shut down and/or disciplinary action.

More Information

For further information e-mail or call (607) 255-8200.