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Organizational Chart

Environment, Health and Safety:

A graphical version of our organizational chart is available as a PDF Download. The PDF visual organizational chart has the same information as below.

Sr. Director Environment, Health and Safety: Tim Fitzpatrick

  • EHS Administrative Assistant: Tracy Doran

University Fire Marshal: Ron Flynn

  • Karynn Kilts - Admin. Assistant

Fire Compliance
  • Asst. University Fire Marshal: Kate VanLoke

  • Asst. University Fire Marshal: Dan Phillips

  • Asst. University Fire Marshal: Kathy MacCheyne

Supervisor Emergency Services: Tom Tracy

  • Chris Jordan

  • John Jelliff

  • Steve Jordan

  • David Lanning

  • Justin Scott

  • Christopher McLaughlin

  • Alexis Camparetta

Director Environmental Compliance and Hazardous Materials Services: Pat McNally

Environmental Compliance
  • Water Program: Kara Bugis

  • Utilities, Environmental Programs: Cheryl Brown

  • Air Program CERCLA/EPCRA: Ilene Herbold-Miller

Environmental Engineer and Manager Hazardous Materials Services: Andrew Murphy

  • Inactive Waste Site Manager: Dennis Shaw

  • Hazardous Materials Specialist: Derek Franklin

  • Hazardous Materials Specialist: Michael Harders

  • Hazardous Materials Specialist: Joshua Wakeman

  • Hazardous Materials Specialist: Jonathan Roman

Occupational Health and Safety Manager: Levi Harmon

  • Safety Engineer: Nick Genovese

  • DOT Specialist: Bill Leonard

  • Health & Safety Technician: Phil VanChieri

  • EHS Specialist: Joe Emanuel

  • Industrial Hygiene Specialist: Luke Thomas

  • Sr. Industrial Hygienist: Jennifer Whittaker

Director Research Safety: Christine Rogers

  • Admin Assistant: Sue Sears

Chemical Hygiene Officer: Brenda Coolbaugh

  • Controlled Substances and Regulated Chemicals Program Manager: Ed Evans

  • Laboratory Ventilation Specialist: Ellen Sweet

  • Research Safety Specialist: Rachael Hodgdon

  • Research Safety Specialist: Richard Gaisser

Radiation Safety Officer: Darren Dale

  • Radiation Safety Specialist: Kevin Fitch

  • Radiation Safety Specialist: Jiefu Yin

University Biosafety Officer: Josh Turse

  • Biosafety Specialist: Stephanie Mattoon

  • Biosafety Specialist: Hannah Glaspell

Associate Director, Emergency Management and Business Continuity: Dan Maas

  • Business Continuity - Continuity Manager: Nathan Hunter

  • Emergency Management - CUEMS: 75 Student Volunteers

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