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Asbestos is a mineral fiber that has been used commonly in a variety of building construction materials for insulation and as a fire-retardant. Because of its fiber strength and heat resistant properties, asbestos has been used for a wide range of manufactured goods, mostly in building materials, friction products, heat-resistant fabrics, packaging, gaskets, and coatings. Asbestos was largely banned in building materials by the late 1980s.  When asbestos-containing materials are damaged or disturbed, microscopic fibers become airborne and can cause significant health problems if inhaled into the lungs.

The Cornell University Asbestos Management Program is overseen by EHS and implemented by Facilities Services/Facilities Management. The Asbestos Management Program operates with the following objectives:

  • Minimize employee, student and visitor exposure to the hazards of airborne asbestos fibers.

  • Provide technical services related to asbestos removal projects on the Cornell campus.
  • Ensure asbestos abatement waste is disposed of properly.
  • Comply with the applicable regulatory requirements.

For project work and assessments, contact Customer Service at 607-255-5322 - Issue a Service Request for Facilities Service's Asbestos Program. A representative will contact you for details and conduct the necessary services.  For urgent service requests, please contact Dale Houseknecht at 607-327-1359.  Off-hour urgent service requests - call CU Police at 607-255-1111 and they will contact an Asbestos Program representative.

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