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Regulatory Forms

Inventory Records: Usage and Examples
Usage Explanation Form / Example

Required: Record controlled substances at a new storage location (including changes of address) immediately upon receipt of a DEA registration number.

  • Done prior to purchasing controlled substances
  • Indicate "zero inventory" for your initial log

Inventory Records:

Initial Inventory

Required: Receipt records for purchases of Controlled Substances from DEA Registered distributors

​Inventory Records:

Receipt Record Log

Required: List of all controlled substances currently stored at the DEA registered location

  • Perform every two years after initial inventory
  • Store with inventory records

Inventory Records:

DEA Biennial Inventory


Required: Summarize the usage of a controlled substance from the time of acquisition to the end of use

  • Includes disposal, expired, loss or damaged substances
  • Used in conjunction with Disposal Log
  • Used in conjunction with Dilution Log records

​Inventory Records:

Usage Log

Required: Documents the usage details for a controlled substance that has been withdrawn from original container and mixed with a solution to dilute the concentration

Inventory Records:

Dilution Log

Required: Used when a controlled substance has expired, is no longer usable or no longer needed

​Inventory Records:

Disposal Log

Optional: Lists the controlled substances stored at a registered location upon the closing of the DEA registration

​Inventory Records:

Closing Inventory

Security Records: Usage and Examples
Usage Explanation Form / Example

Required: List of each person allowed to handle controlled substances for research use as a Senior Authorized User or Authorized User

Security Records:

Authorized Personnel Log


Optional: Used when transporting controlled substances outside of the registration address for same day travel.

  • Acts as chain of custody

Security Records:

Transportation Log

Transportation Log Examples:

Substance spent at location

Substance returned to original location

Inspection Records: Usage and Examples
Usage Explanation Form / Example

Required: Forms given by NYSDOH or DEA following formal site inspection / audit

Inspection Records:

DOH/DEA Inspection Records



Initial Inventory Protected Document
Receipt Record Log Protected Document
DEA Biennial Inventory Protected Document
Usage Log Protected Document
Dilution Log Protected Document
Disposal Log Protected Document
Closing Inventory Protected Document
Authorized Personnel Log Protected Document
Transportation Log Protected Document