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4.3.3 Large Quantity Generator

By regulation, facilities are categorized as Large Quantity Generators (LQG) if the facility generates 1000 kilograms ( 2,200 pounds) or more hazardous waste in a given calendar month. These facilities must:

Meet all Small Quantity Generator (SQG) requirements, in addition to the following requirements:

  • Place all volatile organic wastes in containers less than 26 gallons in size or in an applicable DOT container.
  • Inspect all hazardous waste containers for condition and leaks at least weekly.
  • Ship all hazardous waste off site within 90 days of the date the waste was first placed into the RCRA 90 Day Storage Area.
  • Develop a facility contingency plan for hazardous waste emergencies and ensure the presence of certain emergency equipment.
  • Conduct employee training to ensure RCRA compliance and maintain training records.
  • Maintain a 50-foot buffer zone from the facility boundary for container storage of ignitable or reactive wastes.