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7.9 Fluorescent Tubes (Universal Waste Lamps)

Fluorescent bulbs and other hazardous lamps such as mercury vapor, high pressure sodium lamps, high intensity discharge (HID), neon, and metal halide lamps are regulated as Universal Waste Lamps and must be disposed of properly. These items (including "green tip" bulbs) cannot be placed in the normal trash. Broken fluorescent tubes must be handled as hazardous waste. Every attempt should be made to keep these items intact and to prevent breakage.

At Cornell University, the R5 Group manages the pickup and disposal of all Universal Waste Lamps and Batteries. R5 Group is also responsible for managing other recyclable materials such as Used Oil, Scrap Metal, Batteries, Refrigerated Appliances, old Computers, and Electronic Equipment. Contact the R5 Group at 607-254-1666 if you have questions about the disposal requirements and procedures for any of these items.