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7.1 Concentrated Solutions of Acids and Bases

Corrosive acids and bases are common wastes generated in laboratories on campus. Corrosivity is the only hazardous waste characteristic that may be treated by a generator onsite without an EPA permit.

Generators of corrosive wastes which have no other hazardous characteristics should neutralize the wastes to a stabilized pH between 5.5 and 9.5. The neutralized non-hazardous waste may then be drain disposed followed with a water flush (20 parts of water).

Procedures for neutralizing acids and bases are described in the following three sections. Note: Neutralization is recommended only for very small volumes of corrosive acids and bases.  You should only perform neutralization of corrosives if you have been trained, you feel confident that you understand the process, you have the proper personal protective equipment, and are comfortable doing it.