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Incident Reporting

For emergency assistance

To request assistance from Cornell Police or EHS:

  • From a Cornell phone, dial 911, or
  • From any phone, dial (607) 255-1111 to reach Cornell Police Dispatch

Reporting an incident

Work-related incidents, like an injury or illness, exposure (chemical, biological, radiological), motor vehicle accident, and environmental or injury-free incidents, must be reported to your supervisor immediately and to Cornell’s Cority incident reporting portal within 24 hours by clicking and following the Report a New Incident icon:


You will receive a notification from after submitting your report.

Incident types

  • Injury, Illness, or Exposure - Any injury, any known or potential exposure, or work-related or lab-related illnesses.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) - Any incident that involves motor vehicles while conducting university business. Including contact damage, broken glass, pedestrian contact and animal damage.
  • Injury-Free - Incidents where no one was injured however the incident had the potential to injure someone if there was a slight shift in time or body position, such as near miss, explosions, fires, property damage, equipment failure, lab spills contained and immediately cleaned up, and other similar incidents.
  • Environmental - Release of a material that impacts air, land, or water (including sanitary and storm sewer) or other environmental non-compliance.
  • Field Observation (EHS Internal Use Only) - Observation of a hazard or other concern with the potential to impact the environment, health, or safety.


Instructions are included directly in the incident reporting form. If you need additional instructions, see the references below. If you have questions or encounter problems, please contact