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Reporting an Injury-Free Incident

To report an incident where nobody was injured, such as a fire, explosion, property damage, equipment failure, near miss, contained spills in a lab, etc.:

  1. Log in to the incident reporting portal.
  2. Select Report a New Incident.
  3. Select Injury Free Report.
  4. Review the instructions at the top of the Event Report tab. 
    1. Complete required fields and any additional information that is known.
    2. Select Save to move to the next tab.   
  5. Select the Documents tab. 
    1. Select the + icon to attach a supporting document, like a photograph, floorplan, etc.
    2. Select Save and close to move to the next tab.
  6. Select the Witnesses/Contacts tab. 
    1. Click the + icon to identify a witness.
    2. Click Save and Close to return to the tab view.
  7. Click the Submit button when finished.