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7.1.4 Chromic Acid

Chromic acid is a powerful oxidizing agent that is both toxic and corrosive and can explode on contact with organic materials. Chromium (VI), or hexavalent chromium, is also classified as a carcinogen. Accidents involving chromic acid cleaning solutions can result in burns to both skin and clothing.

Chromic acid cleaning solutions leave a residue of chromium (VI) on the glass surface, which is difficult to remove. This residue has been known to interfere with certain research procedures since the material can leach into solution. EHS highly recommends that you consider using chromic acid alternatives such as “NOCHROMIX”, “Alconox”, or similar type products which can be ordered through one of Cornell’s eShop preferred suppliers such as VWR Inc. Due to the reactive and toxic nature, do not attempt to neutralize chromic acid - dispose of chromic acid waste through the hazardous waste management program.