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5.4 Incidental Disturbance

  • 5.4.1  An incidental disturbance is defined as the unintentional disturbance of ACM or PACM.  The clean-up of an incidental disturbance must be conducted by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.  An environmental consultant under the direction of the Asbestos Coordinator will oversee the clean-up response.  EHS can provide assistance as needed.
  • 5.4.2  In the event an employee discovers an incidental disturbance of asbestos, the following protocol shall be followed:
  1. Do not attempt to clean up the ACM or PACM
  2. Immediately vacate the room and restrict access to room using signage and barrier/caution tape
  3. Issue an emergency Service Request to the Asbestos Coordinator by contacting Customer Service at 607-255-5322.  State that you have an “asbestos incidental disturbance”
  4. Outside of normal business hours, call CU Police at 607-255-1111 to report an asbestos incidental disturbance or emergency. 
  • 5.4.3  For additional information regarding the incidental disturbances and asbestos related emergencies see Standard Operating Procedure HS16_ASB_SOP002 Asbestos Incidental Disturbances and Emergency Response.