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5.3 Code Rule 56, In-Plant Operations, Asbestos Abatement

  • 5.3.1  Cornell University is an independent private institution chartered by act of the New York State Legislature (chapter 585 of the Laws of 1865), operating four contract colleges on behalf of the State of New York pursuant to Article 115 of the Education Law. The University is expressly granted custody and control over all contract college facilities by the Education Law.  For purposes of Subpart 56-11.1, any contract college facilities are Cornell premises by virtue of such custody and control.  Cornell University is the employer for all contract college facilities, and the University is not a political subdivision of the State, a public authority or other governmental agency.  Cornell’s contract college facilities meet the qualifying criteria of subpart 56-11.1(b), and accordingly In-Plant Operations may be used in those facilities.