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5.1 Asbestos Surveys

  • 5.1.1  Current EPA and NYSDOL regulations require an asbestos survey to be completed for any demolition, renovation projects, and newly installed materials.  Contractors involved in construction of new buildings or renovation of existing buildings are contractually obligated to certify material used in the project is asbestos-free. This obligation is met by utilizing a third party asbestos certified inspection firm and is managed within the Facilities and Campus Services. 
  • 5.1.2  NYS Code Rule 56, Subpart 56-5.1(f) provides a listing of potential asbestos containing building materials.  A subset of this list can be found on the EHS Asbestos webpage. Suspect asbestos containing materials that are not sampled and lack clear manufacturer information must be assumed to be asbestos containing and treated as such.  Further guidance regarding suspect material can be found in Standard Operating Procedure HS16_ASB_SOP001 Potential Asbestos Containing Building Materials.
  • 5.1.3  A number of buildings have asbestos inventory summaries posted on the Facilities and Campus Services facility information page.  Additional information may be available from the Asbestos Coordinator.  Asbestos surveys can be scheduled by contacting Customer Service at 607-255-5322 and having a Service Request issued to the Asbestos Coordinator. 
  • 5.1.4  Vermiculite Containing Material
  1. Building material containing vermiculite with no information on the mining source or the source is Libby Montana will be treated as follows:
    1. Bulk or loose fill vermiculite will be treated as asbestos containing material
    2. Vermiculite products other than sprayed on fire-proofing containing greater than 10% vermiculite will be treated as asbestos containing material
    3. All surfacing material [sprayed-on, troweled-on, or otherwise applied to surfaces (acoustical or finish plaster on ceilings and walls) and fireproofing materials on structural members] containing vermiculite must be analyzed using an approved NYDOH analytical method or treated as asbestos containing material.
    4. Consult with EHS for vermiculite from mines other than Libby Montana.