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Excepted Quantities

To qualify for the small quantity exception the shipper must ensure all conditions below detailing classes, quantities and containers are met.

If your chemical or chemical mixture falls into the following DOT Class or Hazard and your material quantities do not exceed maximum allowance per inner container, the Small Quantity Exception can be utilized (see packing requirements).

DOT and Hazard Maximum Allowances

​Hazard ​DOT Class ​Maximum amount per inner container (gm solid/ml liquid) Maximum amount per package(gm solid/ml liquid)​​
​​​Flammable ​​​Class 3 ​​​30 ​300
​Flammable solid Spontaneous combustible material Dangerous when wet material ​Division 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 (PGII and PGIII only) Except for self-reactive ​30 ​500
​Oxidizer ​Division 5.1 (PGII and PGIII only) ​30 ​500
​Organic Peroxide ​Division 5.2 (only in first aid or chemical kit) ​1 ​300
​Toxic Material ​Division 6.1 (PGI) ​30 ​300
Toxic Material ​Division 6.1 (PGII and PGIII) ​30 ​500
​Corrosive Material ​Class 8 ​(PGII and PGIII) ​30 ​500

If you are able to utilize Excepted Quantities continue below for packaging and marking requirements, otherwise return to DOT webpage for further shipping guidance.

Packaging Requirements Excepted Quantities

  • Each inner container must be closed (capped) and it’s cap is secured with tape or other positive means

  • Chemically compatible absorbent/cushioning material must added around the inner container capable of absorbing the entire liquid contents of the inner container(s).
  • The inner containers must be packaged in a strong, rigid outer packaging
  • Outside packaging must be capable of sustaining drops on all sides and edges from a height of 1.8 m (5.9) ft onto a solid surface.
  • Shipper must mark the package with the Excepted Quantities label
  • The shipper must be DOT trained in shipping Excepted Quantities

Example of an Excepted Quantities label
Asterisks on label denote: * Primary DOT hazard class, ** name of shipper (DOT trained)

If you are able to utilize Excepted Quantities, package and mark according to requirements, otherwise return to DOT webpage for further shipping guidance.