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Instructions for Enrolling DOT Certificates


  • These certificates are required for learners that ship hazardous materials.


  • As learners need the various shipment certification.

  • This training reoccurs every 3 years for shipments in the US.
  • Every 2 years for International shipments


  • Access to CU Learn


Trainings for specific DOT hazardous materials are within various certificates- see the list below for each specific hazard. EHS also hosts TWO – 1 day long trainings (one for Infectious Substances and one for Chemicals) so a learner can receive certification in all the hazards. These certificates require renewal every 3 years when shipping in the United States and every 2 years if shipping internationally. CU Learn will send an email notification when it is time to renew your training.

Within each Certificate there are 2 classes- General Awareness and then the specific hazard.  If you are taking these certificates for multiple hazards, CU Learn will recognize the learner having completed General Awareness for each hazard- so this will not have to be repeated for each hazard class you wish to certify for.

Certificate Name


Web Based training:

  1. In CU Learn you need to first register for the specific DOT hazard Class.    

  2. Once you register and complete the training CU Learn will send notifications when it is time to renew your specific DOT hazard class training. 
  3. Go to CU Learn and log-in. Click "Me"
  4. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right of the screen and type the specific Certificate you want to register for, then click search or press the enter key.
    Search (Screenshot of using search function to find a specific certificate) - magnify glass with empty field next to it to search.
  5. When the certificate is listed click on the "Register" (to the right of the information)
    Register (Screenshot of certificate name and registration button). Registration button is black with white lettering.
  6. Click the "Complete Registration" button in the "Path Details" Initial BBP Path –
    Complete Registration (Screenshot of the Complete Registration button within Path Details). Complete Registration button is blue with white lettering.
  7. If you have never taken the Initial training you will get this message - "You have successfully registered for this Certification," then Click Close
    Close (Screenshot of "You have successfully registered for this Certification" message). The Close button is gray with black lettering.
  8. If you have already completed the EHS 3915- DOT Hazardous Materials IATA General Awareness course (from another Certificate) you will see (It will show the next course needing to be taken). If you need to complete the General Awareness training a launch button similar to the EHS 5100 pictured below will be available.
    Launch (Screenshot of completed and pending courses and the launch button)
  9. Click the launch button for each course and complete
    Launch (Screenshot of the Launch button in pending courses)
  10. Once both of the trainings are completed attend, your learning record will update and a button to your DOT Certificate will appear.
    Print Certificate (Screenshot of the Print Certificate button shown after course completion)
  11. Print the certificate and file it as proof of "Employer Certification" when an inspector asks for it.
    Example of a Certificate of Completion.
  12. CU Learn will send a reminder when your renewal training is coming due.