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Biological Materials

Non-Regulated Materials     

  • Material that does not contain infectious substances

  • Microorganisms which are non-pathogenic to humans and/or animals
  • Environmental sample that is not considered to pose a significant health risk
  • Dried blood spot/fecal occult blood test
  • Pathogens that have been neutralized/inactivated

Exempt Animal or Human Specimens 

  •   Patient specimens for which there is minimal likelihood that pathogens are present

Infectious to Humans or Animals

  • Substances which are known or are reasonably expected to contain pathogens

Genetically Modified Organisms (and micro-organisms)

  • Organisms in which genetic material has been purposely altered through genetic engineering in a way that does not occur naturally


  • A material, other than a gas, which is known to be so toxic to humans as to afford a hazard to health during transportation

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