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Hazard Class 9: Miscellaneous Hazards


Chemicals which pose a hazard during transportation that is not one of the other eight hazard classifications.

Specific class 9 Materials include:

  • Dry Ice is a solidified gas which poses an asphyxiation risk when transported inside sealed vessels.  Thus it is regulated for transportation on airplanes and vessels , but not for ground transport.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms that don’t qualify as class 6.2 Infectious Substances. The risk posed during transportation is an accidental release into the environment of the GMO.
  • Lithium Batteries which have started many fires.
  • Formaldehyde Solutions >10% but < 25% as Aviation Regulated Liquid because of its ability to prevent the flight crew from performing their duties.
    • Formalin (<10% formaldehyde) should be triple packaged with absorbent to prevent spills during shipping


All regulated shipments of miscellaneous hazard materials require the shipper to be trained.  Specific training is provided for several common  miscellaneous hazardous materials.

Shipping Options

  • Become Trained - All shipments of Class 9 material require the shipper to be trained and certified. EHS certifies all shippers at Cornell.All training whether on-site or by an outside vendor, EHS must review training and issue a certificate of training.
  • Contact EHS - EHS has employees trained in the shipping of hazardous material and can ship your material for you (EHS 607-255-8200).