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Hazard Class 6.1: Toxic (also Poison)


A material, other than a gas, which is known to be so toxic to humans as to afford a hazard to health during transportation, or which in the absence of adequate data on human toxicity. Is presumed to be toxic to humans because it falls within any of the following:

  • Oral toxicity not more than 300 mg/kg LD50
  • Dermal Toxicity not more than 1000 mg/kg LD50
  • Inhalation Toxicity dust or mist not more than 4 mg/L LC50

Subsets of class 6 are:

  • Poison Inhalation Hazards (PIH) are toxic substances that are volatile and present a gas phase exposure risk. The PIH designation is broken into zones with Zone A posing the highest risk.

Shipping Options:

  • Become Trained - All shipments of Class 6.1 material require the shipper to be trained and certified. EHS certifies all shippers at Cornell.  All training whether on-site or by an outside vendor, EHS must review training and issue a certificate of training.
  • Contact EHS - EHS has employees trained in the shipping of hazardous material and can ship your material for you (EHS 607-255-8200).