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All CMV's must be marked with the name of the motor carrier “Cornell University” and the identification number “1370007” preceded by the letters “USDOT”. Markings must appear on both sides of the CMV, contrast sharply in color with the background and be legible from a distance of 50 feet (minimum 2 inches tall). All CMV must have the following emergency equipment:

  • 1 – 5 B:C fire extinguisher or 2 – 4 B:C fire extinguishers

    • CMV transporting hazardous materials require 1 – 10 B:C fire extinguisher
    • Fire extinguisher request are processed thru Maximo, Note: "put extinguisher in my truck"
  • Spare fuses, one of each type or size needed
  • Warning devices for stopped vehicles
    • 3 – bidirectional reflective triangles; or
    • 6 fuses or 3 liquid burning flares

All drivers of CMV must perform pre-trip inspections including reviewing the last drivers vehicle inspection report. The driver must be satisfied that the motor vehicle is in safe operating condition. At the completion of each day’s work, every driver shall perform a post trip inspection and complete the inspection report.

Motor carriers must maintain inspection, repair and maintenance records for each CMV under their control. Also means to indicate the nature and due date of the various inspections and preventative maintenance operations for the vehicle. These records must contain the following information:

  • Vehicle identification number

  • Make
  • Serial Number (Vin)
  • Year
  • Tire Size
  • Owner if leased

The motor carrier may maintain these records electronically as long as all required information above is included and the records can be reproduced on demand. Paper versions of the required forms may also be used.