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New CMV Driver Guide

This guide will provide instructions for adding new or first time drivers to the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) program. All Cornell faculty, staff and students requesting to drive University-owned vehicles are required to register in Agile Fleet Commander, this includes Fleet vehicles leased to departments and department-owned vehicles.

  1. Verify the driver will be operating a CMV (see section 12.3 of the CMV Program Manual)

    1. Vehicle with a GVWR over 10,000 pounds

      • Found on manufacture plate inside drivers door jam

      • Includes rental vehicles (i.e. U-Hail, Penski, Ryder)

    2. Vehicle with trailer attached, combined GVWR over 10,000 pounds total

    3. Vehicle requiring a CDL to operate (hazmat placards, 16 or more passengers)

  2. Contact your Unit / Department CMV Representative and complete a driver qualification(DQ) file consisting of the following items.

    1. HS23F_001 Driver Application for Employment

      • Make sure to sign front (employment history release) and back (certification) of form

      • Must provide social security number as required by Federal regulation

      • Complete all fields with information or enter “None” as needed

      • Enter all employment history (3 years all drivers, 10 years previous CMV drivers)

        • Any gap in employment of 1 month or greater must be explained

        • Un-employment dates listed

        • Schooling dates listed (College/University)

    2. HS23F_002 Safety Performance History Request

      • Complete part 1 for each DOT regulated employer they worked for in last 3 years

      • All drivers must complete and sign top half of form

    3. HS23F_006 Hours of Service For First Time Drivers

      • New hires/drivers must complete this form even if hours are in Kronos

      • Enter dates and hours worked for the 7 days prior to signing the Driver Application for Employment

      • Enter your last period off before the date you signed the Driver Application For Employment (i.e. 4pm 1/1/17 to 7am 1/2/17)

      • Intermittent drivers must submit this form to CMV program manager along with drivers daily log (Form HS23F_008)

    4. HS23F_005 Driver Road Test Form

      • Must be given by a competent person who is knowledgeable of CMV operations and equipment

      • Must be taken on a vehicle comparable to what the driver is assigned

      • Must be at least 5 miles

      • Drivers with Class A or B licenses only need to enter name and note class of license (road test was conducted by DMV)

    5. Copy of valid Drivers License

      • Verify current and in class before road test

      • Must be legible

    6. Copy of valid Medical Examiners Certificate (DOT Physical Card)

      • Must be completed by a certified DOT examiner and include their national registry number on card

      • Not required for intrastate (NYS only) drivers who received their initial CDL before 9/9/1999

        • Must have an A3 (med cert exempt) and K (intrastate only) restriction on license

        • Cannot be transporting 16 passengers or more

        • Cannot be transporting hazardous materials requiring placards

      • Not required for non-CDL intrastate (NYS only) drivers who received their initial driver’s license before 1/1/2004

        • Cannot have a CDL

        • Cannot be transporting 16 passengers or more

        • Cannot be transporting hazardous materials requiring placards

  3. Submit completed DQ file to CMV Program Manager at Environmental Health and Safety

    1. Do not scan or email forms that contain Drivers License or SSN’s

    2. East Hill Office Building, 395 Pine Tree Rd., Suite 210 or Contact Bill Leonard / 607-255-5616 for pick-up

  4. CMV Program Manager will:

    1. Review DQ forms before submitting to KELMAR for final review and approval

    2. Contact Unit / Department Representative once a driver is approved

  5. DQ files are monitored by KELMAR and e-mails sent to Unit / Department CMV Representatives as documents or expiration dates come due

  6. CDL holders