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New CDL Driver Guide

This guide will provide instructions for adding a new CDL driver and anyone upgrading to a CDL license from the CMV program.

  1. Verify the driver has completed a CMV Driver Qualification file

    1. New CMV Driver Guide

    2. Submit copy of CDL permit to DOT Specialist

  2. Complete drug and alcohol clearinghouse registration

    1. Register

    2. Complete drug and alcohol clearinghouse consent

      • Submit to DOT Specialist

    3. Respond to consent request (Kelmar Safety on behalf of Cornell)

  3. Complete pre-employment drug and alcohol test

    1. Complete CU Learn course: EHS1150 CMV CDL D&A Training for Drivers

    2. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

      • Attachment F (page 55)

    3. Cannot drive CDL vehicle until results are negative

      • Contact DOT specialist for results

  4. Complete Entry Level Driver Training (New CDL or CDL less than 1 year)

    1. Theory Instruction:

      • Register for Elite ELDT (Unit covers cost ~$250)

      • Submit certificate to DOT Specialist

    2. Behind the Wheel Training (range and public road)

      • Contact DOT Specialist to schedule

      • Minimum two, 2 hour sessions, must score 80% or above

  5. CDL driver cannot schedule DMV road test until ELDT is complete

    • ELDT must be completed and submitted by DOT registered provider

  6. Submit copy of interim and final CDL license to DOT specialist after passing road test

DOT Specialist: Bill Leonard / 607-255-5616 for paperwork pick-up
East Hill Office Building, 395 Pine Tree Rd., Suite 210