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9-15 Passenger Vehicles

Vehicles designed or used to transport 9-15 passengers, not for direct compensation are exempt from many of the CMV regulations but not all. To further clarify this criteria when counting total passengers, the driver counts as a passenger. Also note that if seats are removed from the vehicle, the total passenger count is based on vehicle design from the manufacture. If the vehicle is 10,001 pounds or more gross vehicle weight rating, then you need to follow the full regulations for CMV. Drivers of these vehicles must follow the same requirements regardless if they are traveling intrastate or interstate. Please complete these steps in order.

Driver Qualification

  1. Visit Agile to register as a University driver

    • Complete the "User Registration" using left menu
    • Complete the "Driver Release Form" using left menu
  2. Visit CU Learn and complete course "RMI 2105 Defensive Driving - Passenger Van"
  3. Students Only: must complete a road test using a 9-15 passenger van
  4. Approved to operate 9-15 passenger vans once all above steps are completed and Agile profile updated by EH&S
    • Driver must complete "Driver Release Form" in Agile annually (e-mail reminder)
  5. Units that own or have 9-15 passenger vans on annual lease
    • Must maintain a list of all 9-15 passenger van drivers in the past year
      • EHS will request this list for DOT compliance annually
    • Must be approved by EHS to conduct in-house road test


All 9-15 passenger CMV's must be marked with the name of the motor carrier “Cornell University”, the identification number “1370007” preceded by the letters “USDOT”, and the words “Not For Hire” (recommended). Markings must appear on both sides of the CMV, contrast sharply in color with the background and be legible from a distance of 50 feet (minimum 2 inches tall).

9-15 Passenger Van Units

All units that operate 9-15 passenger vans must maintain a list of all drivers used in the past year and be approved by EHS to conduct in house road test