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2020 Fire Log

Cornell University On-Campus Housing Facility Fire Log 2020

The following table provides information about fires that have occurred at Cornell University on-campus housing facilities during the 2020 calendar year. Fire logs may be viewed at the annual fire report web site.

2020 On-Campus Housing Facility Fire Log

Date Reported Fire Date & Time Building Location Fire Category Fire Cause
01/17/2020 01/17/2020
534 Thurston Ave – Zeta Psi Attic Unintentional Fire lit in fireplace where chimney was previously blocked. This fireplace is not permitted for use. Smoke backed into the house and into the attic.
02/04/2020 02/04/2020
107 Edgemoor Lane – Chi Phi Basement Undetermined Undetermined – Found no evidence of Fire.
02/22/2020 02/22/2020
Hans Bethe House 1st Floor Dining Unintentional Cooking fire due to grease build up.
02/24/2020 02/24/2020
American Indian Program House 2nd Floor Kitchen Unintentional
Cooking fire due to unattended stove top.  
08/04/2020 07/13/2020 -08/04/2020 Mary Donlon Hall 4th Floor North Stairwell Intentional  Deliberate scorch mark on wall in shape of a face.
11/13/2020 13:45 
112 Edgemoor Lane Kitchen Unintentional Unattended cooking.

This Fire Log is updated within 2 business days of any new incident regarding fire in Residential Buildings.