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2023 Fire Log

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Cornell University On-Campus Housing Facility Fire Log 2023

The following table provides information about fires that have occurred at Cornell University on-campus housing facilities during the 2023 calendar year. Fire logs may be viewed at the annual fire report web site.

Date Reported

Fire Date & Time



Fire Category

Fire Cause

02/27/2023 02/27/2023 2:00pm Mary Donlon Hall Residence Halls Intentional Door decorations had burn marks. Along with scorch marks on the sprinkler water line
02/28/2023 02/27/2023 9:00pm Mary Donlon Hall  2nd Floor Bathroom Intentional Bathroom sign was burnt, and door was slightly burnt as well

03/02/2023 11:00pm

Mary Donlon Hall  5th Floor Bathroom Intentional Bathroom sign was burnt

03/26/2023 8:00am

Mary Donlon Hall  Room 310 Intentional Burn marks on dorm door

05/10/2023 1:00pm

Mary Donlon Hall  Room 624,629 Intentional Burn marks on closing notices

05/20/2023 11:19pm

Ginsburg Hall 4th Floor Hallway Intentional Clothing and trash set alight. Sprinkler did activate and controlled the fire

09/13/2023 11:27am

Mary Donlon Hall  Stairwell Between 1st & 2nd Floor Intentional Exterior burn marks on plastic dome and metal base of fixture.

09/14/2023 11:43am

Mary Donlon Hall  Stairwell Between 2nd & 3rd Floor Intentional Burns on the light along with burn marks on 2 railings
09/19/2023 09/19/2023 11:39am Ganedago Hall Elevator  Intentional Burn marks on plastic sign holder
09/26/2023 09/24/2023 6:57pm Mary Donlon Hall East Stairwell Ceiling Intentional Section of the ceiling damaged by fire

10/28/2023 10:47pm

Mary Donlon Hall South Stairwell 4th & Ground Floor Intentional Burn marks on the bottom of the steps 
11/13/2023 11/13/2023 4:42pm North Campus Town House A Apt A-12 Kitchen Unintentional Fire in the oven
11/14/2023 11/14/2023 11:36am Ganedago Hall 4th Floor Lounge Intentional Sofa chair had a small burn in the fabric