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Facility Flood Response Checklist

FM and Unit Lead Checklist for Facility Flood Response

Flood Response
Completed Item

Ensure appropriate tradespersons are assigned to isolate electrical, mechanical, sprinkler and/or elevator-related deficiencies that are being impacted by, typically, water infiltration to assess operability and condition.

Flood Remediation
Completed Item

Validate the appropriate flood response activities occurred; water cleaned up, dehumidification in place, fans in place, communication to relevant stakeholders.

Ensure hazardous materials survey(s) are completed, and that the Lead FP/GFP and ZFM review building material asbestos database for asbestos containing materials.

Coordinate with Zones/UFD/UFR to assess impacts to academic departments and programs, assess materials impacts and/or losses.

Ensure moisture testing occurs, and coordinate activity to finalize scope of work for remediation of infrastructure damaged by water.

Ensure, if deemed necessary, contracted partners, such as ServPro, will be called to provide dehumidification equipment, fans, and other materials to remove standing water and/or moisture.

Contact Risk Management and Insurance, represented in flood event cases by Gallagher Bassett, to schedule a walk-through of the flood-affected facility to establish the basis for a potential insurance claim.

Coordinate with the appropriate ZFMs to walk-through the flood-affected facility to establish a basis for repair, construction schedule, and contact the appropriate AHJ City/Town code official about necessary permits.

Coordinate with the appropriate stake holders to discuss the impacts construction may have on academic programs, space requirements, staff, and/or other building operations.

Coordinate with UFD/UFR and appropriate department staff to develop and inventory of material losses, organize the lost assets and their replacement value, assign their replacement as either “department” or “FCS” costs, and provide this inventory to Risk Management and Insurance for review and claim submission.

Coordinate with the appropriate ZFM/Forepersons overseeing construction activity within the facility to ensure remediation is kept to schedule and to the satisfaction of the unit/department.

Insurance Claim
Completed Item

Take photos of damage, progress, and repairs.

Maintain list of expenses, including labor, building materials, contractors, services, etc.

Complete Risk Management and Insurance’s insurance claim procedure and form.