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Automotive Lift Training Guide

Automotive Lift Training Guide HS_GD_007

General Guidance:

Vehicle lift training must be provided to employees before they are allowed to operate a lift. Training should include classroom and hands-on training elements.

Training Outline:

Vehicle lift operators must be qualified and trained in the safe use and operation of the specific lift in use. Training must include a review of the:

  • Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions
  • ALI/SM01-1, ALI Lifting it Right Safety Manual
  • ALI/ST-90 ALI Safety Tips Card
  • ANSI/ALI ALOIM-2008, American National Standard for Automotive Lifts-Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance
  • ALI/WL Series, ALI Uniform Warning Label Decals/Placards
  • ALI/LP-GUIDE, Vehicle Lifting Points/Quick Reference Guide for Frame Engaging Lifts (when frame engaging lifts are used)
Note: Each lift may require training on a different version of the documents listed above. Always consult the operator’s manual before training to determine the correct document version to include in the training.

Training Frequency:

Training must be completed before an employee is allowed to operate a lift, whenever changes occur (e.g. a new lift is installed or changes are made to an existing lift), and when a serious incident (e.g. injury or near-miss) involving a lift occurs.