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Belt Sander Toolbox Talk

Belt Sander Tool

Safe use of powered hand belt sanders

  • Wear proper eye and hearing protection, and when required, respiratory protection.
  • Disconnect the power supply before changing the sanding belt, making adjustments, or emptying the dust collector.
  • Use sanding belts that are the same width as the pulley drum.
  • Make sure the sanding belt is installed in the direction indicated on the belt and sander.
  • Inspect the sanding belt before using them.
  • Replace worn or frayed belts.
  • Keep hands away from the sanding belt. Use both hands to operate the sander—one on the trigger switch, and the other on the front knob handle.
  • Keep all cords clear of the sanding area during operation.
  • Clean dust from the motor and vents at regular intervals.
  • Do not exert excessive pressure upon the moving sander.
  • Do not use a sander without an exhaust system or dust collector. Empty the collector when ¼ full
  • Do not work on unsecured material that can be thrown by belt motion. Secure the material or use a stop block.

Please return the Belt Sander sign-in sheet to Environment, Health and Safety for recordkeeping.